We offer a comprehensive set of onsite Project Management services to ensure the success of your construction project including:


We assign an experienced Project Manager to your project who is responsible for quality control and acts as the liaizon between you and your contractor.
This can eliminate issues and delays caused by communication problems, as well as ensuring that your contractor adheres to the agreed on schedule and construction standards.


Unfortunately not all projects go according to plan, so it’s even more important to have a dedicated onsite project manager available to quickly identify, report and resolve the issues as rapidly as possible.
We can also help resolve issues with local planning authorities, property taxes and can provide legal and accounting service referrals as needed.


Our project managers will provide weekly status reports of your project so that you can rest assured that the project is on schedule and within budget.
In addition to the weekly status report, your Project Manager is available by phone, SMS and email to answer any questions you might have.